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Iron & Air Magazine Bike Build Giveaway
'78 CB 750 'Mable' by Dime City Cycles

Unless you were some poor sob trying hard to get off the grid, you’ve probably heard all about it by now.

Upstart moto heads, (that’d be us) Iron & Air Magazine, on some hair-brained, PBR induced trance, decided to convince the kings of all things speed and cafe racers, Dime City Cycles, to rebuild a Honda CB750 and then, get this – GIVE IT AWAY. And that’s just what is happening today, at the 8th Annual Barber Vintage Festival in Ace Corner as the keys are transferred to her new lucky owner.

UPDATE: Steve Matiasz of Brooklyn, NY had his name drawn live at Ace Corner Barber on Sunday, October 14, 2012 as the winner of this beautiful ride. Congratulations Steve!

The donor was a rusty old POS that Jason and Herm found, haggled for, and then hauled back to their shop to begin the ceremonial breakdown. Wasting no time, these guys demonstrated that they are raging beasts when it comes to reducing a classic ride down to a bucket of bolts. They also demonstrated that they’re bad ass builders of the highest order by bringing this girl back to life and have her looking hotter than ever.

The Dime City Cycles ‘78 Honda CB-750K Cafe Racer glows with class. From its show stopping Legendary Motorcycles bodywork, the stainless steel Cone Engineering muffler with 4-into-1 exhaust, to the Progressive Suspension, the DCC 750K Cafe is the styling leader. With its powerful engine and sharp handling, you’re guaranteed to grab all the looks from the opposite sex at the local pub.

Its throaty engine sound has no equal. Power comes from four cylinders displacing 736cc’s with a Dyna ignition keeping things in pace. The eight valves are operated by a simple, single overhead cam. Fuel is metered through four synchronized Keihin carburetors, equipped with an accelerator pump for throttle response that even “Mike The Bike” would be proud of.

With five well-spaced gear ratios to select from, the 750k can split lanes through downtown traffic or stretch its legs on those long country rodes we all love. And when you encounter that one obnoxious squid on a GSX-R 600, you can merely slide back a tad in the saddle, down-shift a gear or two and leave him in the dust – completely taken aback by the fact that an old heavy lump of metal just ate his modern power range cycle for breakfast.

While the DCC CB-750K Cafe does sacrifice the ability to carry a passenger in exchange for performance and styling, you won’t care…women will follow you wherever you go anyway. Sleek and low-profile instrumentation, new Progressive front suspension with reduced static friction, and special dual-stage damping shock absorbers that can handle small as well as harsh bumps with equal efficiency will make heads turn eveywhere. As one of the world’s premier cafe racers, the DCC CB-750K Cafe has a reputation second to none. It has the performance, styling and heritage of a champion.


  • 1978 Honda CB750 Engine w/ Dyna Electronic Ignition
  • Customized 1978 Honda CB Frame w/ Full Rear Loop
  • Keihin CR Racing Carbs
  • Custom DCC/Cone Engineering Performance Tuned 4-into-1 Exhaust System
  • DCC Original Rearsets w/ Cable Driven Rear Brake
  • 7-way Adjustable Steering Damper
  • Front and Rear Progressive Suspension w/ 2″ Shorter Front Tubes
  • Legendary Motorcycles Manx Tank w/ Monza Cap
  • Legendary Motorcycle Thruxton Seat w/ DCC Originals Cushion
  • DCC Original “Speed” Bars
  • Nissin Controls
  • 2.5″ Mini Guages w/ Mounting Bracket
  • All New Cables, Hoses, Et Cetera
  • DCC Original British Headlight Bucket
  • Stock Honda CB Wheels Powder-coated Black w/ Stainless Steel Spokes and Red Nipples
  • Front and Rear Avon Road Rider Tires
  • Paint work by Moe Colors
  • Powder Coating by Pro-fab Customs
  • And A Whole-Lotta Love from Herm and Jason @ DCC!

Big thank you to all involved!
Iron & Air has so many folks to thank. Brands we’re proud to call friends stepped up with a “hell yeah” to their involvement in this contest. First and foremost the extra cool chaps at Dime City Cycles. These guys are blazing a trail amongst the garage-built world and if you look closely, you’ll see the rest of us applying DCC parts and bits to each of our rides. Do yourself a favor and get to know Jason, Herm and everyone else at Dime City!

Bell Powersports, in conjunction with custom lid painter, Skratch, have tossed in a super kick-ass Bell 500 3/4 lid for the winner to take home with.

Progressive Suspension – the leading suspension provider for all of us garage-built custom moto heads are just first-class and we’re proud to call them friends.

Special thanks to Erick Runyon at at Choppershotz for taking these amazing photos!
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